Service facilities

Section Greenhouse and culture chambers

  • The Service will provide and administer the purchase of all perishable materials (substrata, containers, mineral elements and phytosanitary types of treatment, etc.) in order to establish crops and their maintenance, in addition to the equipment for their handling and harvesting.
  • Management and maintenance of installations and of environmental growing conditions.
  • Sowing of plant species and establishment of crops destined for experimentation or other scientific purposes, in addition to the maintenance of crops, irrigation, the application of experimental types of treatment, and harvesting of plant matter.
  • Issuing of a final descriptive report on growing conditions.
  • Analytical determination of cations, inorganic anions and organic acids is offered via ion chromatography both of samples cultivated at UPV/EHU installations and of external samples in all types of plant tissue. Consult other determinations.
  • Photodocumentation service.

Ion Chromatography Section

  • They offer quantitative analysis of cations, inorganic anions, organic acids and simple sugars in water and various vegetable matrices in a detection range of ppm.
  • Services available:
    • Anions in vegetable and water samples: phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, chloride.
    • Organic acids in plant samples: malate, malonate, tartrate, citrate, fumarate, maleate, a-ketoglutarate, phosphoenolpyruvate, isocitrate, glutarate, succinate, oxalate, 3-phosphoglycerate.
    • Cations in water and plant samples: lithium, sodium, ammonium, magnesium, potassium and calcium
    • Simple sugars in plant samples: glucose, arabinose, fructose, galactose, xylose
  • Keep in mind that there is a kit for detecting unknown and only analytes described on the website are available with a method developed with patterns. If other analytes are desired , consult the service the possibility of developing a new method for them.

Advice to users

  • Advice to users about the most growing suitable conditions (substrata to be used, nutritional system and environental conditions, etc.), technical assistance and availability of technical personnel to ensure that the research work being undertaken is successfully completed.
  • Advice about the planning and experimental design involving the cultivation of plant species.
  • Advice about "in situ" determination of possible physiological measurements which are indicative of the nutritional state or photosynthetic capacity of the plants while the experiment is being carried out and biological cycle.
  • Advice about the harvesting and preservation of plant matter in accordance with the aim of the study. 
  • The Service will periodically offer training courses to interested users.