The equipment of this SGIker unit has a complete nanosecond lasers set (excimer lasers, Nd: YAG, several tunable dye systems in the VIS-UV, etc.) and an ultrashort pulse system. This femtosecond laser is an oscillator and a regenerative Ti: sapphire amplifier whose output is a pulse train of 40 fs. and 2 mJ. The team of femtoseconds also includes two parametric amplifiers (OPA), tunable in the range 240-2100 nm. Recently extensions have been implemented to the system which allow tuning the system to 200 nm.The Laser Facility also has the necessary tools to perform experiments of spectroscopy in supersonic jets, laser ablation of metals, PLD, etc.

Ultrashort pulse laser system

Femtosecond laser system.

  • Titanium-sapphire laser oscillator (Coherent Mira). (Coherent Mira).

λ≈ 800 nm.
Duration: 20 fsec/pulse.
Rep. rate:78 MHz.
Energy (pulsed): 0.5 w.


  • Oscillator pumping laser (Coherent Verdi). (5 w, cw.).
  • Titanium-sapphire regenerative amplifier (Coherent Legend).

λ≈ 800 nm.
Duration: 40 fsec/pulse.
Rep. rate:1 KHz.
Energy (pulsed): 2.5 w.


  • Amplifier pumping laser (Coherent Evolution).
  • Optical parametric amplifier (OPA). (Coherent OPERA). Range: 300nm-2100nm. 
  • Second and third harmonics generator. Minioptic Technology.
  • Pulse Picker (external Pockels cell) for modification of the repetition frequency of the amplifier output.
  • Complementary material: optical delay line, mirrors, lenses, prisms, polarizers, etc.
  • Wiley-McLaren-type mass spectrometer.
  • Instruments for the diagnosis of generated pulses: FROG, power meters, optic fibre compact spectrometer.

Nanosecond lasers and auxiliary equipment

MALDI spectrometer(Brucker Daltonics REFLEX model)

  • MALDI spectrometer (Brucker Daltonics). Lent by CIC Biogune (Figure 2).
  • Nd:YAG 1 J laser (Quantel)/colouring/frequency mixture for IR.
  • Nd:YAG 1.5 J laser (Quantel)/two-colouring pumping, with frequency doublers and triplers.
  • Lambda Physik Scanmate model laser, with duplicator.
  • LEXTRA model excimer laser model/colouring with doubler and tripler.
  • Excimer laser for ablation and IR time-resolved spectometer.
  • TOF mass spectrometer, vacuum systems, turbomolecular and rotating pumps, supersonic expansion systems, etc., and their electronics.
  • ZEKE spectrometer, vacuum systems, turbomolecular and rotating systems, supersonic expansion systems, etc., electronics and control.
  • LIF spectrometer, with scattered emission, 1 m monochromator and intensified CCD chamber.
  • Auxiliary material: power gauges, oscilloscopes, vacuum gauges, etc.

Partial view of part of the Nanosecond Laser Unit. The following experiments are carried out using the systems that appear in the image: laser-induced fluorescence, REMPI (one and two colours), UV-UV and UV-IR double resonances, "hole burning" and zero electron kinetic energy (ZEKE).