The Analytical and High-Resolution Microscopy in Biomedicine Service  of the UPV/EHU forms part of the Advanced Research Facilities (SGIker) of the University of the Basque Country, and has been in operation since 1997.
The aim of the Service is to provide the equipment, technical assistance and specialist training required to visually analyse the microscopic structure of biological samples. The Service also provides support for the teaching of those disciplines that are taught at this University and which, owing to their very nature, require it.

The Service is currently equipped with instruments that include two transmission electron microscopes, two scanning electron microscopes, two confocal microscopes and a flow cytometer, in addition to the instruments necessary for preparing samples and for the processing and analysis of the images obtained.

High Resolution Analytic Microscopy in Biomedicina General Service

  • Optical and Digital Microscopy Laboratory
    • Confocal microscopy, digitalised image analysis, video-microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and interferential contrast.
  • Electronic Microscopy Laboratory
    • TEM, SEM, STEM, EELS, ultramicrotomy, metal coatings, critical point drying, inclusion in resins and extensions.
  • Cytometry Laboratory
    • Flow cytometry.

The use of Service equipment is open to all researchers from the UPV/EHU, as well as from other research centres - both public and private.