Areas of application

This unit has the necessary equipment for the adequate preparation of the samples for their subsequent analysis using the available techniques. These analytical techniques basically comprise mineralogical analysis by X-ray diffraction (XRD), chemical analysis of geological and related materials by X-ray fluorescence (FRX), and petrographic characterization of rocks.

Here are some of the applications of the studies that are carried out:

  • Identification of minerals and other crystalline phases in samples of rocks, soils, paleontological and archaeological remains (ceramics, bones, teeth, etc.), industrial and construction materials (aggregates, ornamental rocks, mortars, bricks, etc.), including determining the presence of asbestos.
  • Mineralogical and lithogeochemical studies applicable to mining: Prospecting for mineral deposits, rocks and industrial minerals, characterization of ores, previous studies for the recovery of rafts and dumps, etc.
  • Combined mineralogical/chemical characterization of different types of materials, such as slag, combustion ash, catalysts, industrial refractories, sand for glass and foundry, etc.
  • Separation of fine fractions and determination of the mineralogy of clays in sedimentary and hydrothermal rocks, soils, witnesses from geological and / or geotechnical investigation soundings, etc.
  • Petrographic studies of aggregates and natural stone, according to UNE standards.

In addition, based on its experience, the Rock and Minerals Unit can offer help and advice to obtain a better performance of the measurements to be carried out, as well as optimization of the experiments.