Hydrogen research lines

Linea de inv - Tecnologías del hidrógeno

Hydrogen research lines

The main activities related to the hydrogen research line are focused on several production technologies for (bio) hydrogen production as future energy vector from different feedstocks: fossil fuel resources like natural gas and renewable resources like biomass, bio-oils, bio-alcohols, biogas,...

  • In the reforming of bio-oils obtained from the pyrolysis of biomass the catalyst behavior is studied for these complex mixtures of oxygenated and non oxygenated compounds improving activity, selectivity and stability, as well as by understanding the role of intermediate species and the influence of operation parameters.
  • For the biogas reforming the main purpose is to develop stable and active catalysts to be used in integrated plants for decentralized production of hydrogen including the use of microreactor systems, as well as the corresponding process optimization.
  • The main goal for bio-alcohols is to use them as raw materials for hydrogen production through innovative steam and liquid phase reforming processes for bio-hydrogen decentralized generation.

Other processes related to hydrogen use are: i) low quality fuels upgrading throughout thermal processes or catalytic processes (liquid fuels hydrotreating) and ii) power to gas technology.