Waste to Resource (W2R)

Linea de inv - Pirólisis y gasificación

Waste to Resource (W2R)

This line of research focuses on obtaining secondary raw materials, alternative fuels and/or energy from the thermal treatment of waste, both of industrial and urban origin. We have experience in the following areas:

- Thermo-chemical recycling of plastic waste, with specialization in complex plastic-rich waste streams such as rejects from sorting plants of municipal solid waste, packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment or end-of-life vehicles.

- Reclamation of substances from multimaterial waste such as fiber reinforced composites or used tyres.

- Valorization of forestry and agricultural biomass by-products.

- Valorization of organic industrial waste (used oils, petrochemical by-products, etc.).

Equipment is available for the study of pyrolysis, combustion, gasification, oxidation, torrefaction, carbonization, hydrothermal carbonization, distillation, dehalogenation and hydro-treatment processes, as well as for the exhaustive characterization of the waste and of the solid, liquid and gaseous products generated in the selected process. Process simulation can also be performed with Aspen Plus software and computational fluid dynamics, with energy, environmental and economic optimization calculations.