Pyrolysis and gasification

Pyrolyisis and gasification

This line of research focuses on the application of thermal treatment, pyrolysis and gasification, to various organic products with the following possible objectives:

  • Chemical recycling of polymeric materials (plastics, rubbers, resins, fiber reinforced polymers or composites)
  • Valorization of complex mixtures (urban solid wastes, electrical and electronic wastes, end-of-life vehicles wastes, packet and packaging wastes, etc.)
  • Valorization of biomass
  • Recovery of valuable chemicals from liquid waste streams originated from chemical plants.
  • Production of liquid fuels from coal or other raw materials.

The main activities in this line are: thorough characterization of the starting materials, the detailed characterization of solid, liquid and gas products resulting from the process, the study of the influence of operation parameters and catalysts in the process, the online treatment of the vapor products coming from the process, process optimization based on target products (liquid fuel, chemicals, fuel gas, synthesis gas, hydrogen, biochar/biocoke, carbon/glass fibers, carbon black, activated carbon, etc.), and evaluation of the utility and applicability of solid, liquid and gas products.