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The TSR research facilities are located at the Bilbao School of Engineering (see “Contact” section). The laboratory contains a full range of signal generation and receiving equipment. This infrastructure enables testing a wide variety of receiving and transmitting scenarios.

RF measurement (transmission and reception) general equipment:

  • Vector Signal Analyzer HP 89441. DC-2650MHz
  • Vector Network Analyzer ENA E5071C. KEYSIGHT. 9kHz-8,5GHz
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator MG370A. ANRITSU. 250kHz-6GHz
  • Signal Analyzer MS2690A. ANRITSU. 50Hz - 6 GHz
  • Signal Analyzer MS2830A-045. ANRITSU. 9 KHz-43 GHz
  • Signal Generator 33511B. KEYSIGHT. 1μHz – 20 MHz
  • Propsim F8 Channel Emulator. KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES
  • USB PC oscilloscopes Picoscope 5444B, 4 channels, 200 MHz. PICO TECHNOLOGY
  • USB PC oscilloscopes Picoscope 6424E, 4 channels, 500 MHz. PICO TECHNOLOGY
  • USRPs
  • A wide variety of antennae in the range: 1kHz-6.5 GHz

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Specific equipment for Next Generation Broadcast Systems research line:

TV digital measurement equipment

  • Professional DVB-T demodulator EFA - T ROHDE-SCHWARZ
  • V-TER DVB - Test receiver ITIS
  • MPEG 2 measurement decoder - DVMP ROHDE-SCHWARZ
  • DBA Professional DVB-T/H receiver  (Arbitrary Resources S.L,  UPV/EHU)
  • Multistandard modulator AT2780 ALITRONIKA
  • Receiver, Recoder & Converter AT800 ALITRONIKA

TV analog measurement equipment

  • TV  Test receiver - EMFP ROHDE-SCHWARZ
  • VM700A Video Analyzer TEKTRONIX

DRM measurements equipment

  • FhG DT700 Test Receiver
  • Rohde-Schwarz HE010 Profesional Antenna

DVB/DVB-T2 measurements equipment


Specific equipment for Communications for Smart Grids research line:

  • Voltage probe MSN12. ONFILTER
  • Active differential voltage probe TA041. PICO TECHNOLOGY
  • RF Current probes EZ-17. ROHDE & SCHWARZ
  • RF Current probe TBCP1-200. TEKBOX
  • 2 line V-network R&S ENV216. ROHDE & SCHWARZ
  • Single-phase isolation transformer TKW4. POLYLUX
  • PRIME evaluation kits ATPL230A-EK. MICROCHIP

Specific equipment for Data Analytics in Wireless Networks research line:

  • LoRa® Network Evaluation Kit DV164140-1. MICROCHIP

Specific equipment for Applied EM research line:

  • EME SPY 200 dosimeter. MVG
  • Near-Field Probe Set (Magnetic Field probes and Electric Field probes, Stub probe, Ball probe). ANRITSU
  • HyperLOG 20600 EMI test antenna. 20MHz - 6GHz. AARONIA AG

Mobile measurement unit

We have a measurement vehicle furnished with all the necessary professional equipment to carry out field tests.

It has the following features:

  • HONDA power supply
  • Hidraulic mast which allows to rise the reception antenna up to 10 meters above ground level
  • Fixed mast to place and position the antenna
  • GPS
  • Tachometer for distance and velocity calculations
  • Ground surface for monopole measurements

Also, the unit is furnished with the reference equipment for digital broadcast measurements (DVB-T, DAB, DRM, etc):

  • Calibrated antennas, from LF up to L Bands
  • Vector Signal Analyzers
  • Network Analyzers
  • Spectrum Analyzers (up to 20 GHz)
  • Field Strength Meters
  • DAB Profesional receiver
  • DVB-T professional reception equipment
  • DRM FhG receiver
  • Noise Generators
  • Attenuators, splitters, combiners, amplifiers…

The whole system is controlled using specific software designed and implemented by the group. This software is easily adaptable to almost any equipment and equipment control interface. 



Wi2 - Software tool for the analysis of potential impact of wind farms on radiocommunication services

  • This Wi2 software allows the analysis of the impact of a wind farm on the surrounding radiocommunication services. The calculations are based on the configuration of a specific wind farm and the different transmitters and receivers over a terrain database containing high resolution altimetry data. For each type of service, suitable calculation algorithms and interference criteria are applied. Graphic and numerical results of the analysis are presented on a map, which allows an on-the-spot evaluation of the degradation mechanisms for each wind turbine.
  • The prediction of the potential impact of a wind farm on the existing radiocommunication services before its installation allows the planning of alternative solutions to ensure the coexistence of wind energy and telecommunication facilities. Although some guidelines for safeguarding radiocommunication services have been recently published, the precise impact on a specific service can only be determined on a case-by-case basis, due to the multiple factors that must be considered in the analysis. Impact of Windfarms on Wireless Systems


SOCER: Software de Cálculo de Emisiones Radioeléctricas (Radio Emissions Calculation Software)

SOCER-2: Software de Cálculo de Emisiones Radioeléctricas V2 (Radio Emissions Calculation Software V2)