Workshop on Hanna Neumann Conjecture and Related Topics

Workshop on Hanna Neumann Conjecture and Related Topics

The aim of this workshop is to understand the three proofs of the Hanna Neumann conjecture and to explore further directions.

It will be held in Bilbao between the 29th of June and the 10th of July of 2015.

The workshop will feature three courses given by Joel Friedman, Andrei Jaikin Zapirain and Yago Antolín Pichel. There will be contributed talks by other participants. You can see the workshop's poster here.

The registration fee is 60 euros for all participants. There is some funding available for graduate students and early-career researchers to partially cover their local expenses.

The deadline to register,  to propose a talk, or to apply for financial support  is in every case the 15th of May.

We suggest two options for accommodation, either the university residence or a hotel in Bilbao. Please, take note that from the 9th to the 11th of July Bilbao hosts Bilbao BBK LIVE music festival and hotels are in high demand during these days.