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Víctor Manuel Amado Castro


Department of Contemporary History, Faculty of Social Sciences
University of the Basque Country
48940 Leioa (Biscay), SPAIN
Phone: 00 34 946015151

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Dr. Víctor Manuel Amado Castro (Vitoria-Gasteiz 1972). He is Lecturer (tenure-track) at Department of Contemporary History, Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences at University of the Basque Country. He is also an academic member of Valetín de Foronda Institute for Social History (University of the Basque Country), since 2004 he is an invited researcher at Political Science Department at Tel-Aviv University (TAU).

In 2009 Dr. Amado was accredited as an international voting observer by the Spanish Foreign Ministry. He has participated, as International electoral observer, in different elections with OSCE and EU: Ukraine (2010) Azerbaijan (2010), Peru (2011), Zambia (2011), Russia (2012), Pakistan (2013), Afghanistan (2014), Sri Lanka (2015) and Zambia (2016).


  • Middle East
  • Israel
  • History of European construction process
  • History of International Relations


I teach within degree the Humanities of the University for the elderly at the University of the Basque Country (UPV), the following subjects: the History of the Present World. History of Internationals Relations. The Globalization: characteristics and challenges: the Present History of the Near East. Since 1999 I have been supervising the courses in International specialization (separate diploma) which are organized by the Social History Institute Valentín de Foronda.



  • "Redimir la tierra: Origen, desarrollo e influencia del mesianismo político en Israel". Los caminos de la nación. Factores de nacionalización en la sociedad española contemporánea. Comares 2016 
  • "Egipto: de Mubarak a Sisi. Ejército y autoritarismo" La primavera árabe revisitada: retorno del autoritarismo, choque de islamismos. Thomson Reuters ARANZADI. Madrid 2015 (pp101-120)
  • "De las milicias judías a una nación en armas. El proceso de creación de Las Fuerzas de Defensa de Israel como un elemento de nacionalización sionista". España Res Pública. Nacionalización española e identidades en conflicto. pp. 249 - 258. Comares Historia, 2013
  • "Europa de Este: una perspectiva histórica" (pp 15-23). ("Eastern Europe: a historic perspective"). La Historia a través del cine: Europa del Este y la caída del muro. El franquismo. (The History through the cinema: Eastern Europe and the Fall of the Wall. The Franco period) edited by Santiago de Pablo and published by the UPV-EHU (Bilbao 2000).
  • De Pablo Santiago. Savings Bank of Vitoria and Álava. Araba eta Gasteizko Aurrezki Kutxa. "Ciento cincuenta años en la historia de Alava (1850-2000). Vitoria 2000. "One hundred and fifty years of the Alava history")
  • "Uno, dos, tres. Una visión de la guerra fría demasiado irónica para su tiempo" (pp 123-145). ("One, two, three. A too ironic vision of the cold war for its time"). De Pablo Santiago. La Historia a través del cine. La Unión Soviética. (The History through the cinema. The Soviet Union). Editorial service of the UPV/EHU and the Social History Institute Valentín de Foronda (Bilbao 2001)
  • "Israel o la atomización de la política. De los acuerdos de Oslo hasta la actualidad". ("Israel or the atomization of the politics. From the Oslo agreements up to nowadays"). A chapter of the book Procesos electorales en el Mediterráneo (Voting Processes in the Mediterranean).

Indexed National Journals (ERIH, RESH, INRECS, MIAR)

Edited Books

  • (with Santiago de Pablo). Los Vascos y Europa (The Basques and Europe) Sancho El Sabio Foundation (Vitoria 2001). Euskal Herria en Europa: un reto apasionante (pp 17-41). (Basque Country in Europe: a passionate challenge).


  • During the 00/01 school year I was the lecturer of specialization courses on international current affairs (proper diploma) Political Change and modernization of Muslim territories. The title of my classes was: Turkey and Afghanistan – two antagonistic examples of social and political development.
    Gema Martín Muñoz (Madrid Autonomous University) y Antoni Segura i Mas (Barcelona University) also participated in this course.
  • During the 2000/2001school year I was the director of the seminar Mass Media and new perspectives for a historian. Francisco Veiga professor at the UAB and Darío Valcarcel director of "The Foreign Policy" magazine took part in this seminar.
  • I participated as a lecturer in the master on International Cooperation in 2002- 2003 organized by the University Institute of Development and Cooperation of the Complutense University of Madrid. The title of the seminary: Central and Southern Asia Geopolitics.
  • On the 31st of March 2004. Participation as a lecturer in the course "Conflicts and common tendencies in the modern world" organized by the Center of International Historical Studies Jaume Vicens Vives of the Barcelona University. The title of the seminar: The Israel civil society.
  • On 20th of January 2005. Participation as a lecturer in the 2004-2005 master on International Cooperation organized by the University Institute of Development and Cooperation of the Complutense University of Madrid. The title of the seminar: Geopolitics and Cooperation in Central and Southern Asia.
  • November 2006 coordinator of workshop called Álava in the context of trasneuorpean shares. Challenges for the future. Organized by the Provincial Council of Alava and the University Institute of Social History Valentin de Foronda.
  • March 14, 2007. Participation as a lecturer in the course "Conflicts and convergences in the world today", organized by International Centre for Historical Studies Jaume Vicens Vives University of Barcelona. Seminar Title: Israel and the Middle East conflict.
  • March 2008, Coordinator of Complementary Course Studies global reality: the Middle East. A global analysis. Organized by the Institute of Social History Valentin de Foronda
  • April 2008, Lecturer with the speech called "israleí-Palestinian conflict does a peace impossible? The conference organized by the UNED from Vitoria, a peace that endures. Conflict in the Middle East and the Middle East.
  • Speaker at the course "Politics and conflicts in the Mediterranean" organized by the CUIMPB - Centre Ernest Lluch, held in Barcelona on 21, 22 and October 23, 2009 under the title "the contradictions of the Israeli political system.
  • December 2009, Invited to the International Seminar Seeking solutions to the israel-palestine conflict organized by the International Catalan Institute for Peace on November 30, 1 and 2.
  • Secretary of the First Conference of Experience Classroom College Campus Álava (UPV-EHU) Should we fear climate change? 9 al 12 February 2009
  • Secretary of the Second Conference of Experience Classroom College Campus Álava (UPV-EHU) One year of financial crisis and international economic analysis and prospects from February 8th to 11th of February of 2010.


  • Member of the research project POLITICAL VIOLENCE, MEMORY AND TERRITORIAL IDENTITY. The weight of the perceptions of the past in Basque politics HAR2014-51956-P funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the period 2015-2018.
  • The arab revolts. Emerging political actors and reshaping of the public sphere in north Africa and the middle east.  (Mineco CSO2012-37779)
  • Research Group of the Basque Academic System IT-429-10, headed by Dr Luis Castells (University of the Basque Country)