Vice Rector of the Alava Campus

Iván Igartua Ugarte


Contact Information


Marian Vigo      


Vice Rectorate of the Alava Campus


Comandante Izarduy, 2  01006-Vitoria-Gasteiz



The Vice Rectors will be entrusted with the representation of the University in taking possession or in the act of receiving the permanent educational and research personnel corresponding to their respective Campus by delegation of the Rector, they will have the skills and develop the functions defined by Articles 197 and 198 of the Statutes, and those matters within the areas of operation that are decentralized at each Campus.

Among these, the following matters are included:

  • Impulse and organization of sports and cultural activities of the campus.
  • Academic organization of adult learning.
  • Within the framework of general policies of the University and in collaboration with public and private entities of the historical territory where the campus is located, impulse, and promotion of research activities, entrepreneurial activities and the creation of companies, as well as activities related to volunteering, cooperation on development and environmental awareness, with special attention to the goal of improving the University's offering for transportation.
  • Design and development of policies to expand the offering of university housing.
  • Design and management of assistance services (Article 154 of the Statutes) that facilitate the integral development of University life on campus, not assigned to another Vice President, paying particular attention to people with special needs.