Boukha, Zouhair

(Investigador Doctor)


Correo electrónico

CV Abreviado

PhD in Chemistry (University Med V - Rabat) with the distinction Very Honorable. The doctoral thesis was about a variety of catalytic materials for the combustion and reforming of NG. These studies were carried out in collaboration with Denis Diedrot University (Paris) and University of Porto (Porto). In 2006, he moved to the University of Cadiz to collaborate in a research project dealing with the application of catalytic materials with high basicity in the biodiesel production. He also collaborated in several research and innovative projects working on the micro-fabrication and surface laser processing of advanced materials (aluminum and titanium alloys) for aerospace applications. In 2012, he joined TQSA research team at the UPV/EHU. Since then he has participated in several research projects on heterogeneous catalysis and materials science. His current work focuses on the design of new precursor structures of Ni catalysts for the methane reforming processes (SRM, POM, DRM and ATR). In parallel, he is working on the design of new catalytic formulations composed of catalytic films supported on metallic micro-reactors for the intensification of hydrogen purification processes (WGS and COPROX). Additionally, he taught several subjects at the Department of Chemical Engineering, aimed at under-graduate and post-graduate levels and involved the supervision of end-of-degree projects. He obtained the ANECA accreditations as a Profesor Contratado Doctor and Profesor de Universidad Privada. Dr. Boukha is a regular reviewer and guest editor of international journals.