Diseño e implementación de un sistema de gestión y mantenimiento para el servicio velocimetro.org

Iñaki Urrutxi, Luis Burgos, Ianire Taboada, Eduardo Saiz
Medio de publicación:
XXIII Simposium Nacional URSI. Madrid, Spain. September 22-24

<span lang="en">This article tries to specify the basis of a project about a new system to control and manage an Internet quality test that measures the access speed of Internet users. We will explain the current situation of the service to look for the necessities, and then try to propose tools to solve those necessities. These tools must be integrated in a common interface to give the administrator of the service an easy-to-use environment as long as a powerful system to manage the quality test tool. To conclude, we will propose the necessary technologies to implement the different parts of the system.</span>