Migración al kernel de un sensor de análisis de tráfico en redes de alta velocidad

Aritz Bastida, Igor Delgado, Alfredo Beaumont
Medio de publicación:
XX Symposium Nacional de la URSI. Gandia, Spain. September

Traffic analyzers play a very important role in Network Engineering. They are used in firewalling, QoS, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), network monitoring,and so on. As networks become faster, more traffic needs to be processed and so, traffic analyzers should have more processing power as well. However, the hardware solutions that have been suggested for now are quite expensive so they are not always convenient. As for software solutions, they are generally not too efficient, as they normally run in the user area of the operating system. In this paper, we describe a network traffic analyzer that has been moved to the Linux kernel, so that its performance can be improved and the package loss ratio minimized.<\/span>