intro Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education

Solidarity, inclusion, human rights, education and social awareness are fundamental concepts in the Social Education field. Education is not only the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but the non-formal education aspect is equally important, as it helps individuals to develop competences and intellectual and moral skills, which are so important in our society.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education will teach students to analyse, assess and design social-educational intervention processes in different contexts, for different groups and individuals, paying special attention to the most underprivileged people or to those who are at risk of social exclusion. Students will also acquire the necessary tools to improve the lives of the people and groups who need it the most, and to encourage their personal, social and community development, as well as their integration and self-sufficiency.

Additionally, in the third and fourth year, students will participate first-hand in educational projects at various centres, foundations and associations through the mandatory internships.