intro Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Infant Education is a non-mandatory educational stage, but it is still a very important time in a person’s development. Between 0 and 6-years-old is when we begin developing our personality, as well as self-esteem, character, values and emotional intelligence. The figure of the teacher is fundamental in this stage as they are the most significant reference point along with family.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Infant Education will provide students with the theoretical and practical academic training required to face this significant challenge. Students will internalise the tools needed to contribute to children’s personal development in subjects with artistic, scientific, ethics and social, linguistic, motor, mathematical and technological content.

Students can choose to specialise in the following minors or itineraries in fourth year: Foreign Language; Special Education; Basque language, an instrument for Education; and Workshops for Infant Education. These specialisations will mainly focus on working as a tutor teacher for a group of students.

Starting in the second year, students will participate first-hand in educational projects at various schools through the mandatory internships.

Condition to access the degree: Hold a B2 level certificate in Basque.