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Profesora Eman El-Ahwany


Eman El-Ahwany (PhD) is a professor of Immunology, Immunology and Drug Evaluation Department, Theodor Bilharz Research Institute (TBRI). She graduated from Faculty of Science, Cairo University in 1991.

She received her PhD in immunology in 2001. She worked as teaching assistant and faculty part-time in the Biology Department, the American University in Cairo (1999-2014). She is a member in the TBRI technical office and the TBRI Internal Research Projects Committee since 2011. She is a member in the European Association of Liver Diseases (EASL) and International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA). Her field of interest is MicroRNAs and the epigenetic changes as non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic tools in HCV-induced liver fibrosis and HCC. She has shared and worked as participant, Co-PI and PI in 20 research projects sponsored by international and national agencies, published 35 research articles in peer reviewed international journals, presented several abstracts in 30 International conferences and supervised 15 M.Sc. and PhD thesis. She is the coordinator of two MOUs between TBRI & Country of Basque University in Spain (2016) and  the King Hussein Cancer Institute in Jordan. She got two post doctor fellowships in Germany (2007) and France (2014). She has been awarded the TBRI excellence award in 2014.

List of most relevant recent publications

  1. Mona MK Zoheiry, Shaimaa AA Hasan, Eman El-Ahwany, Faten M Nagy, Hoda Abu Taleb, Mona Nosseir, Mona Magdi, Safa Meshaal, Mahmoud El-Ansari, Inas Raafat (2015). Serum Markers of Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition as Predictors of HCV-induced Liver Fibrosis, cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Electron Physician Journal, 7(8):1626-37.
  2. Eman El-Ahwany, Faten Nagy, Mona Zoheiry, Mohamed Shemis, Mona Nosseir, Hoda Abu Taleb, Maged ElGhannam, Mohamed El-Talkawy, Rafaat Atta, Suher Zada (2016). Circulating miRNAs as predictor markers for activation of hepatic stellate cells and progression of HCV-induced liver fibrosis. Electron Physician Journal, 8(1):1804-10.
  3. Youssef MM, Tolba MF, Badawy NN, Liu AW, El-Ahwany E, Khalifa AE, Zada S, Abdel-Naim AB (2016). Novel combination of sorafenib and biochanin-A synergistically enhances the anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects on hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Sci Rep., Jul 29;6:30717.
  4. ElHefnawi M, Kim T, Kamar MA, Min S, Hassan NM, El-Ahwany E, Kim H, Zada S, Amer M, Windisch MP (2016). In Silico Design and Experimental Validation of siRNAs Targeting Conserved Regions of Multiple Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes. PLoS One. Jul 21; 11(7):e0159211.
  5. Abdel-Lateef E, Mahmoud F, Hammam O, El-Ahwany E, El-Wakil E, Kandil S, Abu Taleb H, El-Sayed M, Hassenein H (2016). Bioactive chemical constituents of Curcuma longa L. rhizomes extract inhibit the growth of human hepatoma cell line (HepG2). Acta Pharm., Sep 1; 66(3):387-98.