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Effects of Wind Farms on Radio Services

Software tool for the analysis of the potential impact of wind farms on radiocommunication services - Wi2

This Wi2 software allows the analysis of the impact of a wind farm on the surrounding radiocommunication services. The calculations are based on the configuration of a specific wind farm and the different transmitters and receivers over a terrain database containing high resolution altimetry data. For each type of service, suitable calculation algorithms and interference criteria are applied. Graphic and numerical results of the analysis are presented on a map, which allows an on-the-spot evaluation of the degradation mechanisms for each wind turbine.

The prediction of the potential impact of a wind farm on the existing radiocommunication services before its installation allows the planning of alternative solutions to ensure the coexistence of wind energy and telecommunication facilities. Although some guidelines for safeguarding radiocommunication services have been recently published, the precise impact on a specific service can only be determined on a case-by-case basis, due to the multiple factors that must be considered in the analysis.



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Impact studies of real cases of wind farms

  • Impact studies of more than 20 wind farm projects 
  • Potential impact on TV, radio links, weather radars, Air Traffic Control radars, radionavigation aids (VOR, ILS), WiMAX, TETRA.
  • Consultancy tasks: presentation of the results to the involved administrations, possible solutions for avoiding the impact, …
 Impact studies developed for wind farm developers (Eólicas de Euskadi, Iberdrola Renovables, ESB International), telecommunication network administrators and regional and local administrations.


Previous expertise  



Iberdrola Renewables / Eólicas de Euskadi

(Wind farm developer – Spain) 

Impact studies of 6 wind farms

ESB International    

  (Wind farm promoter – Ireland)

 Impact studies of 2 wind farms

ElectraWinds - Serbia  

  (Wind farm promoter – Serbia)

 Impact studies of 1 wind farm

Vattenfall - Sweden    

  (Wind farm promoter – Sweden)

 4 impact studies (2 wind farms)


  (Regional broadcaster - Spain)

 Impact studies of 6 wind farms

RAI Way  

  (National public broadcaster - Italy)

 Impact studies of 1 wind farm

   (Wind farm promoter – Serbia)

 Impact studies of 2 wind farms


   (Wind farm promoter – Belgium)

  Impact studies of 1 wind farm