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Electromagnetic Exposure Info

TSR Research Group, which has a vast experience in measurement taking and analysis of radio communication signals, has also expertise in the analysis of electromagnetic (EM) emissions as pollutants, according to current safety regulations. 



EM fields are one of the most fast increasing pollution agents in nowadays wireless communicating digital society. Regulations have been developed in order to protect population by setting certain threshold levels for EM signals that ensure the absence of harmful effects on human health. “Reference Levels” is the name given to threshold values for general public, which are detailed in the Real Decreto 1066/2001, the national transposition of European Directive 1999/519/EC. Thresholds for professional environments are termed “Action Levels” and they are specified in European Directive 2013/35/EU

The procedures for measuring and computing EM exposure at a certain location are described in Orden CTE/23/2002 which, in turn, complies with the contents of the “Non-Binding Guide to Good Practice for Implementing Directive 2013/35/EU” of 2014.

TSR Research Group follows the aforementioned regulations for analyzing and computing EM exposure based upon on-the-field measurements which are carried out using professional equipment and methodology. The first phases of the procedure aim at assessing the overall EM levels of the whole spectrum as well as identifying the most active frequency bands. These bands are deeply analyzed by means of specific equipment and the methodology developed by TSR Group in order to determine EM exposure levels due to each origin or application, avoiding under and overestimation of values.

The rigorous methodology teams up with the unbiased role of the research group in such a controversial matter as EM exposure can become. We are not attached to promoters of services that cause EM emissions nor with unjustified alarmists, that is, TSR lets data speak for itself.