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International Journals

Measurement System of the Mean and Sub-Cycle LV Grid Access Impedance From 20 kHz To 10 MHz
Fernández, I.; Gallarreta, E.; González-Ramos, J.; Wright, P.; de la Vega, D.; Angulo, I.; Arrinda, A.
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 38, issue: 3, pp. 2204-2212, 2023,
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Signal Isolation Characterization of ITCN In-Band Full-Duplex Communications
Iradier, E.; Bilbao, I.; Fernandez, M.; Montalban, J.; Hong, Z-H.; Li, W.; Wu, Y.
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 2023, Accepted for publication


Broadcast Core Network (BCN): Paving the Future Path of DTT
Cabrera, R.; Landrove, O.; Iradier, E.; Angueira, P.; Montalbán, J.
IEEE Communications Magazine, 2023, Accepted for publication


Statistical relationship between RMS and QP spectra of voltage measurements in the 9-150 kHz range
Gallarreta, A.; Fernández, I.; Ritzmann, D.; Lodetti, S.Khokhlov, V.; de la Vega, D.; Wright, P.; Meyer, J.
Electric Power Systems Research, 2023, Accepted for publication