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International Journals

Upgrading the Power Grid Functionalities with Broadband Power Line Communications: Basis, Applications, Current Trends and Challenges
González-Ramos, J.; Uribe-Pérez, N.; Sendin, A.; Gil, D.; de la Vega, D.; Fernández, I.; Núñez, I.J.
Sensors, 22 (12), 4348


Traffic Classification for Network Slicing in Mobile Networks
Gabilondo, A.; Fernández, Z.; Viola, R.; Martín, A.; Zorrilla, M.; Angueira, P.; Montalbán, J.
Electronics, 2022, 11 (7), 1097


Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access and Subgrouping for Improved Resource Allocation in Multicast 5G NR
Iradier, E.; Fadda, M.; Murroni, M.; Scopelliti, P.; Araniti, G.; Montalban, J.
IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, Early Access


On the Feasibility of Wireless Communications for Safety Applications in Industry
Sanz, P.; Seijo, O.; Canto, M.; Montalban, J.; Angueira, P.; Val, I.
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Accepted for publication