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Communications for Smart Grids


  • Electrical grid as a propagation medium for PLC
    • Characterization of the propagation medium for PLC: conducted emissions, grid impedance, transmission losses
    • Lab and on-site measurements
    • Development of measurement systems and measurement methods 
    • … all the previous aspects for NB-PLC (30 kHz – 500 kHz) and BPL (1.7 MHz – 15 MHz) 
  • Propagation effects on PLC performance
    • Impact of conducted disturbances (EV, DERs, storage systems, …)
    • Effects of grid impedance
    • Influence of propagation channel distortions
  • Communication technologies systems used in Smart Grids
    • Lab setups to replicate on-site scenarios
    • Performance of PLC technologies against different channel effects


    • Field measurements for grid characterization (Spain, France, Switzerland)
    • Measurement of emissions generated by EV chargers, renewable sources and electronic devices
    • Development of ad-hoc measurement systems and data processing software
    • Contribution of measurement methods to standardization committees

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The research team has an important participation in international and national research societies and bodies, including: 

  • Members of Conseil International des Grandes Réseaux Électriques (CIGRÉ) 

  • Members of Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Redes Eléctricas (FutuRed)

  • Members of European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC-TC 205/SC 205A/WG 11) 

  • Members of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC-SC77A/WG 9)