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Data Analytics in Wireless Networks


Due to the heterogeneity of ubiquitous wireless systems, which may be found in populated areas, there is a growing interest in data analytics and network configurations that open up a range of new possibilities and applications with the forthcoming ecosystem of the wireless technologies. Toward this goal, our research line deals with RF-based positioning techniques, IoT networks, machine learning tools in wireless systems and, spectrum sharing strategies.


IoT networks:

  • IoT network planning.
    • Efficient deployment and dimensioning.
    • Coverage in IoT LPWA networks.
  • New paradigms of coordinated management and cooperation in massive IoT systems.
    • Network management and optimization.
    • Massive data collection.
  • Implementation on LPWA network development kits.

RF-based positioning and activity detection:

  • Non-intrusive detection of people in WiFi networks.
  • Machine learning techniques in expert systems.

Cognitive radio and spectrum sharing:

    • Development of spectrum sensing algorithms: adaptive techniques, cooperative networks.
    • Development of spectrum access strategies: licensed shared access, opportunistic access, databases and radio environment maps.
    • Prototype implementation with software-defined radio (SDR) frameworks.


Wi-Fi CSI Dataset for device-free counting people according to:

I. Sobron, J. Del Ser, I. Eizmendi and M. Vélez, "Device-Free People Counting in IoT Environments: New Insights, Results, and Open Challenges," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 5, no. 6, pp. 4396-4408, Dec. 2018. doi: 10.1109/JIOT.2018.2806990

The following dataset consists of a zip file which contains a README text file and six mat files compatible with MATLAB and OCTAVE.

Download here

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