Aula Tecnalia

Name of the project: Aula Tecnalia
Period: 2001 – present

Aula Tecnalia – before Aula Robotiker – was established in the Engineering Faculty in Bilbao in 2001. Aula Tecnalia is a collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao and Tecnalia. Its objective is the development of final Bachelor’s and Master’s degree projects, PhD Thesis, projects leaded by the different departments of Tecnalia and research groups of the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao, conferences and internships of researcher and students.

COMPMECH research group collaborates with Tecnalia by developing, every year, different research projects with students. At the beginning of every academic year, in October, a list with the projects that will be developed is published. The vacancies are limited and students can apply for them by filling the inscriptions that can be found on the web site.