COMPMECH research group was created by some members of the Mechanical Engineering Department at University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Their purpose was to work together in the field of Mechanisms and Machines Theory, Robotics and Computational Mechanics. Since then, the group has developed several research projects in the field, attended numerous national and international congresses and published multiple papers in renowned technical journals.


Nowadays, the group is formed by 16 members and our research focuses mainly on the design and analysis of different variants of parallel manipulators – compliant parallel manipulators, reconfigurable parallel manipulators and mechatronics of parallel manipulators. Parallel manipulators are a special type of industrial robots characterized by their architecture – a fixed platform is joined to a mobile platform by several parallel kinematic chains. Due to their high stiffness, accuracy and speed, they have many applications, such as aeronautical applications, machine tool, haptic devices in tele-surgery, assembly lines automation or orientation of solar panels.

The research activities of COMPMECH research group are funded by institutional projects and contracts with companies. One of the main targets of the group is to keep in continuous relation with companies of our filed. Collaborating with the industry enables the development of important projects and, in many cases, these projects end up with the design of a prototype of some specific elements or mechanical systems and even with the publication of a patent.

Many students of the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao collaborate with the group and develop their final projects with us and several members hold doctoral degrees based on their research in the group.

You can also download a presentation of COMPMECH research group..


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