Paul Diego

PhD student

Department of Mechanical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao
Plaza Ingeniero Torres Quevedo 1
E-48013. Bilbao, Spain
Tel:+34 94 601 73 99
Fax:+34 94 601 43 84

Paul Diego was born in 1996. He received his Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, University of the Basque Country (Spain), in 2018. In 2020, he obtained his MSc in Industrial Engineering, in the specialty of Mechanical Engineering, from the same University.
Currently, he is doing a PhD ( PRE_2020_1_0301, Basque Government) under the supervision of Erik Macho and Saioa Herrero in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao. He works in BALANCE Research Project and his research fields of interests are biomechanics, parallel manipulators and robotics, particularly the ones applied in the medical field.