Companies: INAUXA, G.A.T. Staff, P4Q, ZF Lemförder, TVA, Robotiker Tecnalia
Call: INTEK – BERRI 2008 Programas I+D+i de Apoyo al Sector Empresarial en Euskadi
Period: 2008 – 2011
The main objective of this project is to develop a suspension system based on a non conventional mechanism. This new system should ensure an equivalent functioning as the traditional suspension systems and, additionally, introduce advantages — improvements related to ecology and safety — thanks to its variable configuration. The tasks carried out are the following:

– Research on the application of the solution for vehicles.
– Development of a suitable methodology for the design and dimensioning of the components of advanced suspensions.
– Research on the new components and processes needed for the serial production of this kind of solutions.
– Proof the contribution of the proposed system by building a prototype.
– Promote new research initiatives among the group of companies working in this project.