Device for automatic inspection of parts

Title: Device for automatic inspection of parts 
Inventors: O. Altuzarra, A. Hernández, Ch. Pinto, V. Petuya, J. Navas, I. Lertxundi
International application number: PCT/ES2009/070184
International publication number: WO 2010/136614 A1
International filling date: 16.10.2008
Publication data: 02.12.2010
Belonging to: Vicinay Cadenas

Description of the invention

patenteVicinayThe invention relates to a device for the automatic inspection of parts using non-destructive testing techniques which comprises: a global positioning module configured to move the device relative to a part to be inspected; a local positioning module configured to position the device in a centred manner relative to the part to be inspected as well as to couple the device with the part; and a verification module which comprises at least one sensor, said verification module being configured such as to generate movements of said at least one sensor on the surface of the part, said movements being circumferential and in an axial direction, parallel to a generatrix or an axis of symmetry of the part.