Aitor Zurimendi Isla

Curriculum vitae

Aitor Zurimendi Isla, (b. Basauri, 1974) obtained his undergraduate degree and PhD at the Faculty of Law of the UPV/EHU in Donostia- San Sebastián. He currently holds the Chair of Mercantile Law at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies (Bilbao). His fields of research include banking law, transport law, competition law and consumer protection. He has published six monographs (5 of them as a co-author), 29 papers in journals and 26 chapters in co-authored books. He has three 6-year research terms plus one knowledge transfer term.  He has also spent short periods doing research in Munich, Freiburg, Oxford and Harvard. He has taken part in 16 competitive research projects (in three of which he was the lead researcher), in six contracts with businesses or institutions (again, as the lead  researcher in three cases), and in two teaching innovation projects (as lead researcher in one). He has also helped in the writing and academic management of four journals, and was a member of the Governing Board of the RADC (Academic Network for the Defence of Competition). He is a member of the consolidated research group "La ética empresarial en distintas manifestaciones del Derecho Mercantil” ["Business ethics in various manifestations of mercantile law"], recognised by the Basque Government as a type A consolidated group.

He has also been Vice-Dean for Quality and Teaching Innovation at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies in Bilbao and deputy head of Unibasq. He has taken part in various ANECA and DEVA programmes as an assessor.