Info_ Bachelors-Degree-in-Primary-Education

Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education

Primary Education covers the mandatory education period from 6 to 12 years-old. This stage contributes to children’s personal and socio-cultural development, and it also sets the foundation for their learning throughout life. The figure of the teacher is fundamental in this stage.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education will provide students with the academic training, theory and practise necessary to face this significant challenge. Students will internalise the tools needed to contribute to children’s personal development in subjects with artistic, scientific, ethics and social, linguistic, motor, mathematical and technological content.

Students may choose from any of these five minors or specialisations: Foreign Language, Musical Education, Syllabus and Resources, Linguistic Diversity in School and Innovation in Primary-School Centres. The minors in Foreign Language and Musical Education focus on becoming an English or Music teacher.

Additionally, starting in the second year, students will participate first-hand in educational projects at various schools through the mandatory internships.

A B2 certification in Basque language is required in order to register.


4 reasons to choose this degree.

  • Trilingual training from the start: Basque, English and Spanish.
  • Active and innovative methodologies: problem resolution, project-based learning and cooperative and dynamic learning.
  • You will become familiar with the socio-educational and labour-market reality through three internships in schools within the Basque educational network.
  • Mobility programmes with other universities in Spain, Europe, Latin America, United States, etc. 

Incoming profile

  • If you are a person motivated for education, responsible and methodical, but also creative, flexible and observant, who likes teamwork and listening, discussing and agreeing, and if you also have analysis and response skills in complex situations, the Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education is the best option for you.

Professional paths

  • The main path is regulated and basic teaching for children from 6 to 12 years-old. Students will become teachers in the Primary Education stage, both in public, semi-private and private centres.
  • Other career paths are: play schools, museums, hospital classrooms, prison classrooms, non-government organisations, educational departments in cultural centres, etc.
  • You can also work in adult education centres, publishers, education activities management for companies or institutions, or with any complementary education service.