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OpenData BILBAO-BIZKAIA Classroom


The OpenData BILBAO-BIZKAIA classroom aims to generate value through the reuse of open data from Bilbao and Bizkaia, contributing to the modernisation of society.

The classroom, for both students as well as teachers and researchers, will promote the generation of new knowledge that helps address social issues.

  • Projects will be conducted based on the reuse of data that improve the services offered by the Provincial Council of Biscay and the Bilbao City Council.
  • New data visualizations will be created based on open data reuse initiatives proposed by the university community with the purpose of improving the well-being of the citizens.
  • It will deal with training initiatives designed to enhance the digital skills of future Digital Company workers.
OpenData Classroom - Classroom organisation


OpenData Classroom - Projects Proposal
Propuesta de proyectos - Video


Rosa Maria Rio <>
Business Organization Department