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Repsol Foundation Chair

Repsol Foundation Energy Transition Chair - Circular Economy


The Repsol Foundation Energy Transition Chair on "Circular Economy" at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) was created in 2021. It aims to disseminate the knowledge in the field with academic rigour to different audiences interested in Circular Economy.

Within the wide variety of strategic lines covered by the Circular Economy, this Chair focuses on the analysis and study of material flows (primary and secondary) within the industrial value chain to detect opportunities for industrial symbiosis and promote circular actions. To carry out the aforementioned strategies, following priorities are considered:

  • Eco-design: From the conception phase of processes and products, to the incorporation of criteria that allow minimising the consumption of raw materials and energy during production. Strategies are also considered here include reuse, repair, remanufacturing and recycling, so operating lifetimes can be extended and recycling is boosted.
  • Process efficiency and innovation: Development and scaling up of processes oriented towards the use of byproducts in new processes, both in production processes and in those of third parties.
  • Renewable energy and alternative raw materials: Use of renewable energy sources and alternative raw materials of waste origin to develop sustainable production patterns.
  • New consumption patterns: Encouraging initiatives that promote sustainable consumption.

Working fields

  • Circular economy and dependence on critical raw materials in the energy sector.
  • Use of agroforestry waste, plastic waste and urban waste and their transformation into secondary materials.

Proyectos curso 2023/2024

Academic Board

Ion Agirre Arisketa <>
Erlantz Lizundia Fernandez <>
Estibaliz Saez de Camara Oleaga <>

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Announcement of the 1st edition of the Repsol Foundation Awards for the contribution of the UPV/EHU Master's Thesis to the Energy Transition and Circular Economy.

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