Información - Titulaciones: Grado en Ingeniería Biomédica

Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Number of places offered: 24

Biomedical Engineering is a new field of engineering whose objective is the application of its techniques and principles to solve problems typical of the biomedical area (medicine, biology, biotechnology, pharmacy, etc.)

This degree has a multidisciplinary nature, in which you will be offered training both in the various areas of engineering (telecommunications, electronics, mechanics, automation, materials, etc.), as well as in the basic fundamentals of biology and medicine.

In this way, it is intended to train you to be able to understand the problems and needs of health science professionals, so that you can develop technological solutions adapted to this field.

To do this, in this degree, not only professionals from the field of engineering, but also professionals from the health field with a close relationship with the public health system will participate in your training.

In order to provide you with practical and applied training, this Degree incorporates a Dual Training itinerary, in which you can complete your training in a company in the Biomedical Engineering sector.

This Degree is taught entirely in English

Información General y Acceso

To enroll in this degree it will be necessary to prove a minimum level of English equivalent to B2.

It is possible to access this degree from the Bachelor of Science and Technology.

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