This is an open-plan area of 80 m² suitable, for all types of exhibition. Nevertheless, because of the potential of a room of this nature, it can be used for a vast range of different activities, such as:

  • Conference or meeting room, with the appropriate furniture
  • Space for cocktail parties or meals
  • Film screenings and shows
  • Various workshops
  • etc.

Furthermore, its close proximity to the spectacular terrace of Bizkaia Aretoa with its marvellous views make the ETXEPARE hall the perfect place for staging any kind of activity.

Photo gallery

Bernat/Beñat Etxepare
(Sarrasquette, Francia, 1480 - Sarrasquette, Francia, 1545)

He was a catholic priest and the author of the first book published and printed in Basque: "Linguae Vasconum Primitiae" (Bordeaux, 1545).