Application for Certificate

To request the certificate for the University Extension Course, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Printed ‘Application for certificate (pdf, 175 KB)' completed and signed.
  • Photocopy of ID, both sides, legible and up to date.
  • Photocopy of passport (only foreigners).
  • Promissory note having fulfilled the corresponding fees.
Certificate:  27,96 €
Reduced Fees & Exemptions

Account for deposit:

KUTXABANK Nº 20950292923239008657
IBAN: ES8820950292923239008657


Documentation must be delivered to the following address:

- Area de Formación Continua -

Edificio Aulario II
Campus Universitario
48940 Leioa - Bizkaia

or, scanned, by e-mail to


Reduced Fees & Exemptions

1.- Cases in which exemptions & reduced fees are applicable:

  • a) When the organisation providing the UPV/EHU-specific qualification so determines, if the subsidies available for the qualification include financing for fees. This includes the discount for EHU alumni.

  • b) Full exemption for members of "special category" large families and a 50% discount on enrolment fees for members of "general category" large families. Large family membership must be accredited via a legalised photocopy or a plain photocopy and the original for comparison of the official certificate issued by the relevant provincial council or public body, which certificate must not have expired. Holders of large family membership certificates which have expired may still obtain these benefits if they can prove that they have applied for a renewal.

  • c) Full exemption for victims of terrorism, their spouses and children. "Victim of terrorism" status must be accredited by means of a certificate issued by the Subdirectorate General for Citizens' Care and Assistance for Victims of Terrorism at the Ministry of the Interior, or a resolution attesting to admission to the Programme of Aid for Victims of Terrorism.

  • d) Full exemption for students with a degree of disability assessed by the competent body at 33% or more. This status must be accredited by means of a certificate issued by the relevant provincial council or public body.

  • e) Full exemption for victims of gender violence classed as such under Decree 29/2011 of 1 March on mechanisms for coordination of care for victims of gender violence at the general administration of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and for their children aged below 25 in their care and residing with them. These exemptions and reductions will be applicable as regulated by this article.

  • f) Other exemptions established by the Social Council.

Each individual may benefit from only one exemption in any UPV/EHU-specific qualification.