Pre-registration and Enrolment

  • The deadlines for pre-registration and enrolment in the University Extension Courses depend on the starting dates established in the programme for each course. Applicants should contact the course secretariat for more information.
  • Signing up for school insurance is compulsory for all students who enrol in University Extension Courses. This will always be handled by those responsible for the course.
  • The Social Council, the body responsible for this matter, has some established exemptions and reductions in tuition for University Extension Courses.

Exemption and reduction of public prices

  • 50% exemption in tuition price for members of large families in the general category.

  • Total exemption for members of large families in the special category.
    Large family status will be credited by certified photocopy or photocopy and original, for comparison, of the official title issued by the Provincial Council or relevant agency and it must not be expired. If expired, students will be eligible for the benefits of large families when they show they are in the process of renewal.

  • Total exemption for victims of terrorist acts and their spouses and children.
    Victim of terrorism status will be accredited by a certificate issued by the Sub-Directorate General of Citizen Services and Assistance to Victims of Terrorism of the Interior Ministry or, where appropriate, resolution of placement in the Victims of Terrorism Aid Programme.

  • Total exemption for students with a degree of disabilities equal to or higher than 33% declared by the competent body.
    This status will be accredited by a certificate issued by the Provincial Council or corresponding agency.