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Material resources

A set for audiovisuals equipped with spotlights, cilograma, soundproofed and with a control booth, 164 m2 (F3.3).Photography set equipped with spotlights and other lighting devices, 114 m2 (0B11.1.3).Audio editing studio equipped with a soundproof area and recording and editing devices, 50 m2 (0F.3.7).Animation studio space, 75 m2 (0B1)Digital editing, COMPUTERS, 36 m2 (oF3.8).Computer room for photo editing, 20 computers, 71 m2 (0B11).Demonstration room for photographic procedures with conditioned lighting, 90 m2 (0B11.5).Chemical development area, equipped for 127 m2 (0B11.4).Digital photo laboratory, 21 m2 (0B11. equipped for multimedia, a small electronics workshop, a space for interactive montages and installations with 20 computers, 110 m2 (A.8).Two lecture rooms, 75 m2 (0B11.1.1) and 110m2 (0B1.1).The work to extend the spaces is underway. It is expected to be completed and available for teaching at the beginning of the 2012-2014 academic year. These new premises are specified as follows:Motion recording studio, 176 m2.Two still image sets, one 99 m2 and the other 77 m2.A scenography workshop, 62 m2.An animation laboratory, 67 m2.A chemical development laboratory, 37 m2.A multimedia workshop, 68 m2.A sound laboratory, 66 m2.Two chemical photography booths, each 8 m2.3 sound processing booths, one 13 m2 and two 8 m2.3 digital image processing booths, 13 m2 and two 8 m2.A reprography workshop, 33 m2.A workshop for electronics applied to interactive designs, 102m2.4 multimodal spaces (computer-equipped and valid for master class teaching), two areas 103 m2, one 92 m2 and another 67 m2.Two lecture rooms, 67 m2.Two seminar rooms, 23 m2.A viewing room, 102 m2.Props storeroom, reprography and others, 87 m2.
Photography set, audiovisual set.Sound editing room.Animation room.Photographic laboratories.Multimedia rooms.Workshops for materials, stone, metal and wood.
The Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV/EHU, which forms part of the internal services of the faculty, is a teaching support unit.It is open to the public from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, with a person in charge, library assistants and junior staff.E-mail: lbzbibli@lg.ehu.esIn addition to the Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts, specializing in art, there is the General Library on the Leioa Campus (UPV/EHU).

Institutions with cooperation agreement

  • E.P.E. Donostia kultura
  • Santa Clara Games