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Admission criteria

Profile for admission

Given the multidisciplinary and interdepartmental nature of the doctoral programme, there are several different routes to access. There are not, as such, specific requirements to allow students from certain fields or academic areas access to the course, aside from the general established regulatory requirements.

The recommended characteristics for candidates are described in brief below (student skills):

* Work well both in a team and individually in a multidisciplinary context

* Be able to cope with complex subject matters

* Devise and develop original projects

* Be able to answer key questions to confront, and solve, complex problems

* Employ a critical attitude and intellectual rigor when confronting problems and solutions

* Incorporate their knowledge and formulate judgements when facing complex problems with limited information.


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The programme has no established specific complementary training for students who have carried out a Master¿s. However, students with degrees or postgraduate qualifications, equating to a minimum of 300 ECTS credits, whose studies have not included any specific content on research, must complete a total of 6 ECTS credits in the course unit ¿Introduction to Social Science Research¿ on the Globalisation and Development Master¿s programme at UPV/EHU or another providing equivalent training on research skills.
Admission to the programme is based on objective criteria, based on the assessment of the academic transcript for access to the Doctoral programme (60%), other merits relating to research (30%) and accredited qualifications in foreign languages (10%).





Matricula Procedimiento Asignacion - Común

Procedure for assigning a faculty member as a doctoral thesis tutor and director

Once a student has been accepted onto the doctoral programme, the Academic Commission will assign them a tutor from among the faculty at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) participating in the programme, who will then be responsible for ensuring good interaction with the Academic Commission and adapting the training and research activities to the principles established by the programme and the Doctorate School.

Within three months of enrolment, the Academic Commission will assign each student a thesis director from among the faculty participating in the programme. The director may or may or not be the same person as the tutor, and will be responsible for guiding and ensuring the consistency of the training and research tasks, and guaranteeing that the topic of the thesis have an impact and make a novel contribution to the field. They are also responsible for guiding the thesis plan and adapting it, if required, to other projects and activities in which the PhD student is involved.  

If the director is not a member of the faculty at the UPV/EHU, the tutor will act as a liaison.

Doctoral theses may also be co-directed, and the second co-director may or may not be a member of the DP.  New tutors or directors may be assigned at any moment during the thesis.

For more information, see the procedures and rules.