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University of the Basque Country Classrooms and workspaces: during the teaching of seminars and training courses at the UPV, the faculty responsible shall make available to doctoral students the necessary classrooms with equipment for screen projection of text and images, internet access via WiFi.As for pre-doctoral trainees who become part of the departments involved, they will have at their disposal an office with access to material resources of the department. For the rest of predoctoral trainees, as far as possible, they may be offered a work desk with a personal computer with WiFi access.Computer equipment: in the computer rooms of the Faculty, computer lab in the Mathematics Section and personal computers available to doctoral students, where all the necessary software programs will be installed. Doctoral students will be registered in the Moodle platform of the University.University of La Laguna At the University of La Laguna, the centre responsible for the doctorate (until the next creation of the Doctoral School of the University of La Laguna) is the Faculty of Mathematics. This Faculty has 16 classrooms and 3 computer rooms, all with projectors and internet access via WiFi. It also features the Library of Physics and Mathematics, in addition to numerous books and magazines it has three reading rooms, all with access to WiFi. In the library we can also find a video-conference room, enabling virtual meetings.University of Oviedo:With respect to the University of Oviedo, all processes associated with the doctorate are centralised in the International Graduate Centre, the backbone of postgraduate training. Academically, the centre involved in this PhD is the Faculty of Sciences. This Faculty has: 12 theory classrooms, one seminar (for work groups), 3 computer rooms (2 with 20 seats and 2 with 12 seats, which are less than three years old), all with equipment to project on screen text and images of the subject, and with internet access through WiFi for students. The Faculty also has a Library, which, in addition to general texts, has specialised texts, both in mathematics and physics. The library is provided with three reading rooms, all with WiFi.Students may also access the Internet by using eduroam (education roaming). This service allows students, researchers and staff of participating institutions to have Internet connection through their own campus and when visiting other participating institutions.On the other hand, The Innovation Centre at the University of Oviedo has a video-conferencing room in the "Llamaquique Campus" (space occupied by the Faculty of Science), which is equipped with a multipoint video-conferencing system, an interactive whiteboard and basic audiovisual equipment (PA system, projection, screens), allows making live presentations, online meetings or virtual classes. As a complement to this technology, the Innovation Centre is analysing and evaluating the possibility of implementing an integrated video-conferencing software in the virtual campus, that would allow all users to benefit from what that these tools have to offer to online teaching.University of Zaragoza:Institute for Research in Mathematics and Applications (IUMA) The IUMA, as managing body of the doctoral programme, has facilities, computer equipment and technical support staff in benefit of the students. Public University of Navarra:The UPNA has a central building on the Arrosadia campus called Aulario, which is where classes of all undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are taught. Currently, it has 88 teaching classrooms, with an average of 103 m2 of space for them and with an average of 95 jobs. Most of these classrooms are equipped with loudspeakers and multimedia tools.IT: At the UPNA there are 21 computer rooms, with 663 computers in total, and 2 free access classrooms with 50 computers in each. There is a wireless network for all students, with many access points to ensure the necessary coverage at all times.
University of the Basque Country Students will have access to the mathematics and research library section of the university, which has large digital and printed collections. In addition to the libraries, a specific room with WiFi and personal computers is made available to doctoral students.University of Zaragoza:The University has easily accessible academic libraries with long opening hours. Libraries offer the university community a wide range of services such as lending books, access to collections in paper and electronic format, spaces with computers, and individual or group work spaces.Public University of Navarra To support studies, teaching and research, the Library of the UPNA has a large endowment of resources, i.e. documentary, material and trained personnel. It has bibliographical collections in excess of 350,000 copies, more than 12,500 monographs and approximately 8,400 electronic publications. Students are offered publications of particular interest and topical, selected for each area. It also offers a book lending service, including an interuniversity lending service. The Library has spaces designed for individual study, for the production of work. There are areas with desktop computers and Internet connection. In addition, there is WiFi connection to the Internet throughout the Library.

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