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Admission criteria

Profile for admission

The students must have a clear interest in studying for this doctorate in a field of knowledge related to this programme and its groups and lines of research. The programme's Academic Commission will study each application individually, and in exceptional cases, it will allow the admission of students with other profiles whenever this is deemed appropriate.

Apart from the access requirements, to be admitted on the doctoral programme, they will also take into account: i) the candidates' academic history; and ii) the suitability of their training, experience and research interests to the fields of knowledge or the subject matter associated with this doctoral programme.

The candidates who are admitted on the programme will present their prior academic experience and their research interests by submitting a cover letter along with their CV.

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In the case of students with degrees other than mathematics or with a master's degree that does not correspond to those indicated in the recommended profile, the Doctoral Academic Committee may establish training supplements. Such training supplements, which in no case may exceed 15 credits, will correspond to one (or some) of the subjects of the master in Modelling and Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Research. The Doctoral Academic Committee, after hearing the tutor of the student, will decide on the specific subjects to take. In the case of students from career-oriented master's degrees who have not performed research credits, the Master's degree Thesis may be included in the additional training.
For admission to the doctoral programme, first, the academic record of the candidates will be taken into account, and secondly, the adequacy of their training, experience and research interests in the areas of knowledge or subjects associated with the Doctoral Programme.Prior experience and scientific production of future doctoral candidates, if any, will be considered, and so will their motivation in the development of work dynamics leading to the effective realisation of their doctoral thesis.Candidates wishing to join the programme will present their previous academic experience and research interests, by submitting the following documentation for assessment by the Academic Committee of the programme:- A letter of presentation with no more than 1,000 words expressing the specific motivations driving candidates, with a description of their research interests.- A Curriculum vitae stating the following information: complete physical address, student contact telephone number and email address; the programmes and master's or postgraduate courses taken and passed by the student and related to the research interests expressed in the letter; and prior scientific production of the student, if any.- Graduate and undergraduate Academic record (in Spanish or English).- Full name, institutional affiliation, postal address and email address of reference persons.- ID card or passport.- Candidate stating other merits (awards, patents, grants, research stays, experience in R + D + I) shall provide appropriate supporting documentation.In case of doubt about the suitability of a candidate, a personal interview may take place with a teacher or researcher doctor who is a member of the Academic Committee of the programme.



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Matricula Procedimiento Asignacion - Común

Procedure for assigning a faculty member as a doctoral thesis tutor and director

Once a student has been accepted onto the doctoral programme, the Academic Commission will assign them a tutor from among the faculty at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) participating in the programme, who will then be responsible for ensuring good interaction with the Academic Commission and adapting the training and research activities to the principles established by the programme and the Doctorate School.

Within three months of enrolment, the Academic Commission will assign each student a thesis director from among the faculty participating in the programme. The director may or may or not be the same person as the tutor, and will be responsible for guiding and ensuring the consistency of the training and research tasks, and guaranteeing that the topic of the thesis have an impact and make a novel contribution to the field. They are also responsible for guiding the thesis plan and adapting it, if required, to other projects and activities in which the PhD student is involved.  

If the director is not a member of the faculty at the UPV/EHU, the tutor will act as a liaison.

Doctoral theses may also be co-directed, and the second co-director may or may not be a member of the DP.  New tutors or directors may be assigned at any moment during the thesis.

For more information, see the procedures and rules.