The current situation provides an important opportunity to refocus the current business management models to innovative management models that increase the value of organizations of stakeholders as a whole. Financial relationships can be optimized, it is possible to apply the theory of stakeholders from the ontological perspective; can be objectified and quantified the social value generated by organizations; and corporate governance in banking situations can evolve towards reducing financial risks, in particular moral hazard, in addition to achieving greater participation of stakeholders in the management of financial institutions.

These aspects are included within the ethical perspective of finance have had a scientific deficit in recent decades, although it is highly accepted by both the scientific community and by professionals the importance of integrating the ethical perspective of finance to management operational, tactical and strategic companies from a technical perspective.

To respond to this need, this research group composed of young researchers with high potential, have been working both nationally and internationally in research lines cross but with a common thread: the creation of value from ethics in finance.

The main expected results are: the Mutual Holding Cash, the Cash Ethical Relationship Index, solving the problem that has applicability stakeholder theory and give a diagnosis and develop a model of governance in banking. Also by bundling models are expected to achieve technology transfer in order to establish and develop business models as a tailored suit.

This emerging field of research still needs dedication…