The group has its own research laboratory (GAIA Laboratory) which has 4 permanent desks for the pre-doctoral researchers of the group. It also has 4 desks for the design of embedded electronic systems on reconfigurable platforms (FPGA and SoPC) consisting of workstations or desktop PCs, and development boards (Virtex5, Virtex6 , Kintex7 and Spartan families). All desks include general-purpose software and specific electronic design software acquired through the Europractice Program (ISE Design Suite, Vivado Design Suite, ModelSim, etc.).

The laboratory also contains a desk equipped with general-purpose electronic instrumentation (multimeters, signal generators, power supplies and oscilloscopes) and specific instrumentation for design verification (logic analyzer and mixed signal oscilloscope). The GDED also has access to the Laboratory of Electronics, Department of Electricity and Electronics, where there is a space for the design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards.