Areas of Research

The Digital Electronics Design Group (GDED) devotes its research to two main lines that converge in the development of innovative multidisciplinary applications. These lines are:

  • Design of adaptive systems on a chip (SoCs) on reconfigurable devices (FPGA) for real-time applications:
    • hardware/software co-design
    • high computational efficiency hardware accelerators
    • device consumption and size reduction techniques
    • dynamic partial reconfiguration
    • "hardware-in-the-loop" co-simulation.
  • Modelling of complex dynamic systems:
    • Computational Intelligence: neural networks, neuro-fuzzy systems, and regression and optimization techniques
    • Data Mining
    • Function approximation by means of PWL and PWM techniques
  • Application areas:
    • Ambient Intelligence: intelligent agents on a chip
    • Wireless sensor networks (WSN): environmental and physiological sensors
    • Human activity recognition and wearable computing
    • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
    • Optimum and predictive controllers
    • Modelling and optimization of industrial processes: energy co-generation