C-Ceramic Drawing 2023.Prague

Ceramic Drawing 2023.Prague

1.- Data

Ceramic Drawing 2023 Prague
  • Title:  Ceramic Drawing 2023 Prague
  • Art and Project: Juan Carlos Olabe y Xabier Basogain - JC&X
  • Collaborators: Asun Veiga, Montse y Zuriñe
  • Technique:  Ceramic Sublimation
  • Size: 61 cm x 61 cm
  • Date: May 2023
  • Place: Engineering School of Vitoria-Gasteiz

"Ceramic Drawing 2023.Prague" is an artwork that combines the traditional ceramic medium with the modern digital sublimation process. This is a contemporary process that involves a first step of depositing color dye into a transfer paper. The ink from this transfer paper is then transferred to a tile that has been specially treated to accept the dye. This method gives the tile intensely bright colors.

This artwork is an exploration of light, space, and transparency using a language where its single primitive element is a discreet octahedron inside a square. The octahedron also is limited to have a single solid color (there is no attempt to create transparency within the square.)

The artwork's focus on light means it has to show both bright and dark areas. This involves carefully showing how light gradually changes, and using light to highlight solid elements like windows, columns, walls, and ceilings. By skilfully representing light with simple squares, the artwork aims to make these objects seem real and show their depth and shape.

The exploration of transparency, particularly through the depiction of translucent silk sheets, involves the analysis of light and color interactions. This requires understanding how the perceived color changes as light traverses through multiple layers of material, influenced by the silk's degree of translucency. Additionally, the silk's placement within illuminated or shadowed environments impacts the perception of its transparency. The viewer's distance from these colors also plays a vital role in this study. The cumulative effect of these factors must be considered to render realistically the interplay of light, color, and transparency.

Ceramic as an artistic medium holds a distinctive nobility, owing to its rich historical use across diverse cultures and eras. With its earth-derived composition, ceramics connect us to our natural surroundings, symbolizing a bond between human creativity and the environment. In addition, ceramics offer remarkable durability. Their resistance to the passage of time serves as a reminder of the enduring nature of human expression, with ceramic artifacts generally outliving their creators. This longevity, coupled with ceramics' inherent beauty and versatility, underscores its status as a medium of choice for enduring artistic creations.

This work is complemented in the same physical place with the work Ceramic Drawing 2023.Warsaw


2. How Ceramic Drawing.2023 Warsaw & Ceramic Drawing 2023.Prague was installed

3.- Design


The investigation of spatial representation in this artwork requires the transposition of three-dimensional reality onto a two-dimensional matrix of squares. This task presents several challenges. The first is the induction of depth perception; this requires the careful manipulation of perspective cues within the confines of the square units to prevent the image from appearing flat or lacking depth. The second challenge arises from the preservation of scale and proportional relationships; accurately rendering objects at varying distances, despite the uniform size of the squares, is imperative for realism. The abstraction of curved and angled forms using strictly geometric squares poses a considerable challenge in maintaining fidelity to the original forms.

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Open STEAM Art

Open space of the EIVG for the creation of the work artistic
  • Open to anyone's participation
  • Open to any public place in formal and informal educational centers (corridors, classrooms, windows, stairs, gardens,...)
  • Open during the execution so that people walk past the work during its execution and see how the collaborators participate; In addition, a dialogue is established between spectators and 'artists' to encourage, to ask, to comment, etc...

Collaborative Experience

Collaborative experience in the creation of Ceramic Drawing 2023.Prague
  • Teamwork: several collaborators participate at the same time in carrying out the work, and it becomes necessary and natural to assign roles of direction, execution, monitoring, checking... among all.
  • Time: the time that the work requires allows the participants to share that time commenting on the work, what inspires it, what it contributes, etc… 

Invitation to Participate

Participation / Collaboration: if you want to collaborate in this initiative (in the EIVG or in any other UPV / EHU center, or in an external center) send an email to xabier.basogain@ehu.eus

Ceramic Drawing 2023.Warsaw&Prague

Ceramic Drawing 2023.Prague