Glass Drawing 2022.Oxford


Installation in the Faculty of Engineering Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • Title: Glass Drawing 2022.Oxford
  • Art and Project: Juan Carlos Olabe y Xabier Basogain - JC&X
  • Collaborators: (see list below)
  • Technique: Translucent vinyl on glass
  • Size: 263 cm x 238 cm
  • Date: June 2022
  • Place: 2nd floor, east side access window

Glass Drawing 2021.Oxford is a stained glass window in which we experiment with three artistic paradigms. The first offers the viewer a new visual experience in which colors of great saturation and color purity are perceived that are not normally found in nature or in everyday life. To achieve this chromatic purity, it is necessary to generate color through a light source, the sun, and some chromatic materials that refract the light, producing an effect called radiance or ¨glow¨.

The second artistic paradigm is the appreciation of a work of art at two levels, the local and the global: up close, the chromatic force and the forms of each segment are appreciated; From afar, a geometric structure is appreciated that it is necessary to explore to get to know.

The third paradigm experiments with the dialogue between the artistic work, the sight, and the mind. The two-dimensional image in the glass represents a three-dimensional object that, due to its novelty, is not immediately decipherable. It is similar to the experience of seeing a new landscape where nature presents us with a collection of visual experiences that we still do not know how to catalog.

Glass Drawing 2021.Oxford presents a three-dimensional structure made up of open cubes (only edges) incomplete (less than 12 edges) interconnected in three independent frames (an ant could not walk from one frame to another.) In addition, it presents innovative geometric properties: for On the one hand, it has a hexagonal symmetric structure, but on the other it is based on prime numbers (7, 19, 37) that are not associated with periodicity. This means that this three-dimensional structure contains a large number of geometric properties whose discovery is achieved through a visual and mental dialogue, offering the interested viewer a multiplicity of challenges and satisfactions.

Make of installation Glass Drawing 2022.Oxford

Open STEAM Art

Open space of the EIVG for the creation of the work
  • Open to anyone's participation
  • Open to any open public place of EIVG (corridors, classrooms, windows, stairs,…)
  • Open during execution so that people pass by the work during its execution and see how the collaborators participate; In addition, a dialogue is established between spectators and 'artists' to encourage, to ask questions, to comment, etc...

Collaborative Experience

Collaborative experience in the creation of Glass Drawing 2022.Oxford
  • Teamwork: several collaborators participate at the same time in carrying out the work, and it becomes necessary and natural to assign roles of direction, execution, monitoring, checking... among all.
  • Time: the time that the work requires allows the participants to share that time commenting on the work, what inspires it, what it contributes, etc…
  • Collaborators
    • Ainara
    • Asun Veiga
    • Estibaliz
    • Itziar
    • Izaskun
    • Manoli
    • Maria Jesús
    • Marian
    • Montse
    • Naiara
    • Nuria
    • Rufi
    • Tamara
    • Zuriñe


Graphic design of Glass Drawing 2022.Oxford
  • Colors: 3
  • Geometries: triangles, hexagons, prisms, ...

Series 2022.Oxford

Icon of Glass Drawing 2022.Oxford

​​​​The artistic work 2022.Oxford presents a series in different formats (flags, cups, posters, folders).


Participation / Collaboration: if you want to collaborate in this initiative (in the EIVG or in any other UPV / EHU center, or in an external center) send an email to

Fotografías Glass Drawing 2022.Oxford