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Glass Drawing 2022.Venice

1.- Data

Glass Drawing 2022.Venice
  • Title: Glass Drawing 2022.Venice
  • Art and Project: Juan Carlos Olabe y Xabier Basogain - JC&X
  • Collaborators: M.A. Olabe
  • Technique: Translucent vinyl on glass
  • Size: 47 windows of 140 cm x 90 cm
  • Date: December 2022
  • Place: Maker Gunea - Basurto (Map)

Glass Drawing 2022.Venice is a work of art which develops some to the themes presented in Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon since both works were designed to be created side by side.

The minimalist language created for Glass Drawing 2022.Venice maintains the simple set of three colors (magenta, turquoise and orange) and limits the geometric forms to a simple triangle. In addition, the negative spaces between the triangles are used to create 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional structures.

The topology and symmetry used in Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon is maintained for the representation of symbols isomorphic to the iconic Basque symbol ´Lauburu´.

Using a symmetry of order 4, the images of the windows represent a range of mountains along with their reflection on the surface of the sea.

For the glass entrance of the building, a Cube was created to represent the multi-dimensionality of project. For that purpose, symmetries of order 4 and order 3 were combined, but maintaining the constant triangle as the base of the design.

This work is complemented in the same physical place with the work Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon


2. How Glass Drawing 2022.Venice was installed

3.- Perspectives/Views


The work presents the same motif adapted to the size of each window.

The window that is inserted in the work Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon only uses orange and magenta vinyl.

Android simulation around the artistic work

Android Simulation Around Structure

F-Glass Drawing 2022.Venice Duplicate 1

Open STEAM Art

Open space of the Maker Gunea de Basurto for the creation of the work artistic
  • Open to anyone's participation
  • Open to any public place in formal and informal educational centers (corridors, classrooms, windows, stairs, gardens,...)
  • Open during the execution so that people walk past the work during its execution and see how the collaborators participate; In addition, a dialogue is established between spectators and 'artists' to encourage, to ask, to comment, etc...

Collaborative Experience

Collaborative experience in the creation of Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon
  • Teamwork: several collaborators participate at the same time in carrying out the work, and it becomes necessary and natural to assign roles of direction, execution, monitoring, checking... among all.
  • Time: the time that the work requires allows the participants to share that time commenting on the work, what inspires it, what it contributes, etc… 

Invitation to Participate

Participation / Collaboration: if you want to collaborate in this initiative (in the EIVG or in any other UPV / EHU center, or in an external center) send an email to xabier.basogain@ehu.eus

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Glass Drawing 2022.Venice