Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon

1.- Data

Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon
  • Title: Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon
  • Art and Project: Juan Carlos Olabe y Xabier Basogain - JC&X
  • Collaborators: (see list below)
  • Technique: Acrylic paint on plaster
  • Size: 480 cm x 240 cm and 430 cm x 240 cm
  • Date: November 2022
  • Place: Maker Gunea - Basurto (Map)

Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon is a work of art in which a minimalist language is presented to give the visitor/spectator the experience to explore the representation of ideas with simple geometric forms and a reduce set of colors. The implementation of this work has limited to set of colors to three (magenta, turquoise and orange). It also has limited the set of geometric forms to quadrilaterals (rectangles and squares.)

The semantic interpretation of the drawing places the viewers next to a window from where they see a sunset at sea. This iconic scene is typical of many towns and cities close to the sea, such as the those of the Basque coast.

The two-dimensional geometry of the wall drawing conveys the presence of multiple planes (the window, the sea, and the sky) which in conjunction form a three dimensional world.

The lattice of the window has been designed to represent an important symbol in the culture of the Basque Country: the Lauburu. This design uses the principles of topology and symmetry, including translation and rotation.

The iconic symbol created for this drawing is susceptible of a large number of simple transformations, in color and geometry, expanding the possibilities of representation of the minimalist language.

This work is complemented in the same physical place with the work Glass Drawing 2022.Venice


2. How Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon was installed

3.- Perspectives/Views

The work presents two panels with the same motif.

La obra presenta dos paneles con el mismo motivo.


Android simulation around the artistic work

Android Simulation Around Structure

Open STEAM Art

Open space of the Maker Gunea de Basurto for the creation of the work artistic
  • Open to anyone's participation
  • Open to any public place in formal and informal educational centers (corridors, classrooms, windows, stairs, gardens,...)
  • Open during the execution so that people walk past the work during its execution and see how the collaborators participate; In addition, a dialogue is established between spectators and 'artists' to encourage, to ask, to comment, etc...

Collaborative Experience

Collaborative experience in the creation of Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon
  • Teamwork: several collaborators participate at the same time in carrying out the work, and it becomes necessary and natural to assign roles of direction, execution, monitoring, checking... among all.
  • Time: the time that the work requires allows the participants to share that time commenting on the work, what inspires it, what it contributes, etc…
  • Collaborators: Collaborators from the Basurto public school (4th ESO) and the Faculty of Education of Bilbao:
    1. Colegio Basurto
    1. Facultad de Educación
    1.  A. R.,Nagore     
    2.  A .M.,Julen     
    3.  B. A.,Genery Crisliany  
    4.  B. C.,Sergio     
    5.  B. Á.,Alba     
    6.  C. V.,Yeray Alexander  
    7.  D. E.,Uxue     
    8.  E. I.,Asier     
    9.  F. R.,Ibai     
    10.  G. C.,Kenneth     
    11.  G. O.,Haizea     
    12.  G. Z.,Dariana     
    13.  G. F.,Uxue     
    14.  G. J.,Aritz Isaias     
    15.  G. B., Derek Santiago  
    16.  K.,Arman     
    17.  M., Sabikunnahar     
    18.  M. A.,María     
    19.  N. M.,Emily Cristine   
    20.  R. M.,Victor Manuel   
    21.  R. S.,Oier     
    22.  S.r, Muhamad Farazz   
    23.  T. S., Markel     
    24.  T. V.,Emily     
    25.  V. B.,Victor Omar     
    26.  V. G.,Sandy Milena    
    27.  Z. G., Vera   
    28. Irune (profesora)
    29. Ainize (profesora)
    1. Elcoroberecibar Peña, Asier
    2. Elorza Aldekoa, Haizea
    3. Esteban Arias, Izaro
    4. González González, Nerea
    5. Jalifa Mousry, Sara
    6. Larramendi Benitez, Irati
    7. Quintero Cañadas, Naroa
    8. Ramos Rueda, Iria
    9. Redondo Arratibel, Laura
    10. Rodríguez Goicoechea, Naia
    11. Ruiz Alcibar, Irati
    12. Sánchez Ortiz, Jone
    13. Vasco Arbaiza, Ibai
    14. Zubiaur Escobal, Izaro
    15. Zulueta Puig, Lur
    16. Bilbao Quintana, Naiara (teacher)
    17. López de la Serna, Arantzazu (teacher)





Invitation to Participate

Participation / Collaboration: if you want to collaborate in this initiative (in the EIVG or in any other UPV / EHU center, or in an external center) send an email to xabier.basogain@ehu.eus

Wall Drawing 2022.Lisbon