People in Charge

Iñaki Zabaleta (Urkiola)
Head of the Project
Full Professor of Audio-Visual (Broadcast) Theory, Technique and Technology
Journalism Department
Faculty  of Social and Communication Sciences
University of the Basque Country
PO Box 644
48080 Bilbao
Phone: 94-6012370
Brief Biography
Iñaki Zabaleta, Ph. D., is a full professor of Journalism at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) in Bilbao, Basque language writer and journalist.
He is the Head of the Research Group on "European Minority Language Media and Journalism" (Basque, Catalan, Breton, Corsican, Frisian, Irish, Welsh, Scottish-Gaelic, Sámi), a leading group in Europe with relevant international publications on the subject.
He is author and co-author of more than forty scholarly books, book chapters and journal articles on communication, journalism and society (with ISBN/ISSN indexation), in Basque, English, Spanish and French; and has presented papers in more than thirty national and international conferences.
He has served as visiting scholar at The University of Iowa (1992) and has carried on frequent research stays in New York.
His professional experience as press and broadcast journalist and editor has included the direction of a series of thirteen television documentaries on Basque culture ( Urak Dakarrena); the making of reports about the Basque Country for the CNN's World Report; the editorship of weekend newscasts at Euskal Telebista (Basque TV network); and the direction of several magazines ( Munduan: Paz y Desarrollo; Eireka), among other activities. He has also been one of the co-founders of the Basque newspaper 'Euskaldunon Egunkaria'.
He took doctoral courses and wrote his doctoral dissertation at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York; graduated from the Master's Degree in Television Production at Brooklyn College (1985); and obtained the Ph.D. at the University of the Basque Country (1987).
He has published poetry books, short stories and a novel in Basque language. He has also co-operated in the creation of several organizations in support of the Basque language.