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General information and presentation

carrusel ilustracion cientifica 1 carrusel ilustracion cientifica 1 carrusel ilustracion cientifica 1


The objective of scientific illustration is to communicate science in an effective way, to make knowledge visible to our understanding and not to our eyes. In this way the idea is assimilated more quickly, the knowledge lasts longer and the message is more convincing.

Scientific illustration allows us to:

  • Visualise and communicate information that would be difficult to convey with numbers and text alone.

  • Show hypotheses, theories, ideas and processes

  • Summarise, simplify and emphasise

  • Eliminate unnecessary information

  • Reach unobservable levels

  • Overcome fatality

  • Describe situations that are difficult to observe

  • Solve problems

In short, scientific illustration helps us to see in order to understand.

Nowadays, science communication is essential for science to advance, for specialists to communicate effectively and to transmit scientific knowledge to (and for) the public. Therefore, the training of professionals capable of creating illustrators and designs applied to science is fundamental.


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