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General information and presentation

carrusel ilustracion cientifica 1 carrusel ilustracion cientifica 1 carrusel ilustracion cientifica 1

The objective of scientific illustration is to communicate science in an effective way, to make knowledge visible to our understanding and not to our eyes. In this way the idea is assimilated more quickly, the knowledge lasts longer and the message is more convincing.

There is no academic course, or professional title, in Spain that trains scientific illustrators at the moment, but there are well-known Spanish scientific illustrators, much in demand, some of whom have won internationally recognized prizes.

Promoted by the Faculty of Science and Technology (ZTF-FCT), and with the support of other faculties and institutions, this first ever professional title in the field aims to fill this gap with a range of teaching staff of the highest level.

Pre-registration open until 28 of August.

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Pre-registration closed until spring 2021.

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