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Contact us: ilustracioncientifica.fct@ehu.eus

For the pre-enrolment you must attach the CV, academic certificate, academic title and identification document.

Remember that you must prepare a letter explaining your motivation and a digital portfolio that contains examples that demonstrate your experience in the field of drawing. Send them to: ilustracioncientifica.fct@ehu.eus

The drawings may represent any subject, they do not have to be medical or scientific illustrations. You can also send unfinished drawings, or at different stages of production (from initial sketches to the finished article). The drawings can be made using traditional techniques (graphite pencil, water-colour, acrylic, etc) or digital techniques, they can also be of other types (illustrations, comics, infographics, story-board, etc.)

Send a selection of between 10-20 drawings on a pdf document that does not occupy more than 10 MB. If it exceeds this weight, you must send it in another way: wetransfer, drive, dropbox, etc.

Publication of the list of those admitted: first half of July

Registration period: to be defined

Tuition fees: 4.500 - 5.000 €  (indicative price)