Master's degrees

The recently implemented, common European Higher Education configuration, adopted by over 45 countries and known as the Bologna Process, is based on a Degree-Master-PhD structure. The Basque Country executes the 4+1 schema: undergraduate programmes consist of 240 ECTS credits (structured in 4 years of study); masters can vary between 60 and 120 ECTS credits (1-2 years) and access to PhD studies needs the completion of a master course.

The School of Informatics has a large tradition as a research centre in different fields of computer  engineering and 93% of the teaching staff have a doctoral degree. So there are several master's degrees.

The Master's degrees offered in the Faculty are:


KISA is the gate to the Doctoral Programme in Informatics Engineering. And, LAP/EMLCT are the gate to the Doctoral Programme in Language Analysis and Processing.