The Faculty of Informatics UPV/EHU is located in the coastal city of Donostia / San Sebastian, in the Basque Country. This centre of long-standing tradition was one of the first to offer a university degree in Information and Communications Technology in all of Spain. The Faculty is therefore a reference centre for training and technical/scientific knowledge in ICT and artificial intelligence, and it is integrated in a public research university with roots in Basque society and open to the world.

The teaching faculty, comprised of 100 professors, offers the possibility to professionally train in all areas of knowledge comprised within ICT, through their own training programme, which is interactive and multilingual and includes subjects that use project-based learning.

Our Faculty offers the  and the Degree in Informatics Engineering, the latter with three specialisations to choose from: Computer Engineering, Computing and Software Engineering. Although these degrees are offered in both official languages, Basque and Spanish, some subjects are also offered in English.

At a post-graduate level, the Faculty offers Master’s degrees in Computing Engineering and Smart Systems (in Spanish, with some subjects in English); Embedded Systems Engineering (Dual Training); Language Analysis and Processing (in English) and Erasmus Mundus - Language and Communication Technologies (in English). Beyond the Master’s degrees, the Faculty offers two PhD Programmes focusing on the research environment.

The Faculty cares for and promotes two important aspects: relations with the job market, and research. As for the job market, over 100 companies and organisations offer our students internships, theses and Master's theses. The Faculty also has several University-Company Classrooms, which are areas for collaboration with companies and organisations that are reference points in different sectors. On the other hand, research is one of the Faculty’s signature areas, with 18 research groups and over 150 researchers involved in various areas related to ICT and Artificial Intelligence.

Alexander Mendiburu

Dean of the Faculty of Informatics UPV/EHU


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